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Offices in Keller, Coppell, & Roanoke

Keller, TX: 817-431-6555
Coppell, TX: 469-312-7302
Roanoke, TX: 682-237-2271

Skin Growth? It May Be Time To See Your Dermatologist

You’re getting ready for bed one night and something catches your eye. What is that on your skin? How long has it been there? Should you visit your doctor right away or wait? What if it’s bad?

These questions may flood your mind as soon as you notice an unusual mark on your skin. What’s the best course of action? The answer is simple. See your dermatologist.

Where did it come from?

For whatever reason, we have marks on our skin that seem to come out of no where. A spot on the skin can go unnoticed for a while, or it can be a rapid skin growth. How long the spot has been there is irrelevant to your next step. As soon as you notice something that raises a question, have a professional take a look.

Who should I see?

This mark on your skin could be one of a million things which means it’s time to see the skin experts – dermatologists. Dermatologists look at skin conditions all day, every day. While family doctors are a wealth of knowledge, skin just isn’t their specialty. Dermatologists are the best equipped doctors to diagnose and treat skin disorders.

If you’re not convinced, think about a non-medical life issue. If you have a problem with your transmission, you don’t take your car to someone who doesn’t fix transmissions. You choose somebody who works on transmissions all the time. Why? It’s what they do and they’re the most familiar with the potential problems. They’re the most likely to identify the issue and find the solution.

The same applies to your skin. If an issue arises, visit a dermatologist who sees skin conditions as their primary job. Then, they’ll be able to plan the most effective treatment if the mark is problematic.

Now or later?

There’s a sense of urgency that accompanies unfamiliar marks on the skin. As soon as a skin growth enters your consciousness, get it checked out. With some issues, time is of the essence, so catching a problem early on can make the difference in treating and curing a skin condition. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Too often people waste time conjecturing about the importance of a spot, when they just need to see a dermatologist. No time is too soon to have your dermatologist look at a potential skin problem.




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