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Offices in Keller, Coppell, & Roanoke

Keller, TX: 817-431-6555
Coppell, TX: 469-312-7302
Roanoke, TX: 682-237-2271

3 Questions To Ask Before Trying the Newest Natural Skincare Treatments

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Natural products are the rage right now. Just Google “natural medicine” and over 85 million hits pop up.

We want to treat our bodies right, only putting things into them that promote our health rather than deteriorate it. We also want to avoid “over-medicating” and the stigma that falls alongside that term. After all, what’s there to lose if you’re using something organic?

Actually, if you’re not asking these three essential questions before grabbing that essential oil, you may be harming your health rather than helping it.

1. Has it been studied against a placebo?

One of the most basic problems with natural products is that they haven’t been studied against a placebo. Clinical studies determine the efficacy of a medicine by testing the base of the product without a drug in it alongside the product itself. The placebo alone can help 20-30% patients improve. An effective drug, however, must show improvement in 75% or more of the patients. Only then will researchers deem the drug beneficial for medicinal use.

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Most natural or organic products haven’t undergone these types of studies. So yes, there may be an improvement, but is it real or perceived? Whether that improvement comes from the placebo or the “active ingredient” remains unknown.

For example, Biotin, a supplement to prevent hair loss, was studied several years ago. Prior to the study, it was commonly used and people assumed it had positive results. However, when the actual effects were tested it showed no better results than its placebo.

2. Is it FDA approved?

The lack of testing goes hand in hand with a lack of regulations. Every drug that enters the market is highly regulated regarding its use and dispensation. Yet, most natural medications bypass FDA regulations.

Consequently, we remain unaware of potential side effects. We can guess at what some side effects may be, but until the products have been tested and studied fully, we won’t know what other problems they may cause.

Consider tobacco – a natural product. Until recent history, we didn’t know about tobacco’s negative side effects. Doctors even smoked regularly and participated in advertising promotions for cigarette companies. Now, we consider smoking to be an obvious health hazard.

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Additionally, sun exposure was long considered a leisure activity rather than a health risk. We now see case after case of skin cancer and people who damaged their skin because they didn’t know any better.

Something natural does not always equal something beneficial. An FDA approved product may not be flawless, but it has undergone enough research that its side effects can be weighed against its benefits.

3. Am I delaying a proven treatment?

With many natural products, we don’t know what works for which condition. People may spend time trying a natural treatment, basically conducting their own “trial-and-error” treatments. Yet, for some, a delay in effective medication is detrimental.

A small problem can evolve into a big one when people ignore proven treatments for the sake of experimental ones. Instead, they need to seek professional medical advice and treatment.

There are benefits to monitoring what goes into your body and not running to the doctor at every sneeze, but don’t gamble with your health. Not every natural product is a good one. Make sure the products you choose are really working to better your health.

Have a question about whether a natural skincare treatment is harming your health? Give us a call to schedule a consultation.




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